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November 1, 2014


So let me be bold and say it: YES I am TOTALLY AGAINST KIDS MENUS as they are currently presented in the majority of restaurants. The usual triad of chicken nuggets and fries, cheese and tomato pizza and tortellini is sad. Sad, because at a restaurant we have a wonderful opportunity for children to taste new foods, to sample familiar foods presented differently, and to enjoy eating food in a social environment which may be more conducive to exploration and discovery. I applaud parents who ignore the typical Kids Menu and get half portions or sharing portions from the regular ‘adult’ menu for their kids. I applaud restaurants who offer this option and have no Kids Menu! I appreciate that parents often resort by default to the Kids Menu in the name of meal tranquillity, getting some food into their kids’ bellies and avoidance of food waste, but what a limited option we are offering our children! And we are setting them up for life to have a limited palate (not to mention the likelihood of a less-balanced diet).

Interestingly, this week the Washington Post ran a front page article on just this topic (click link below). It seems to have created a buzz on a national level in the US. Can we extend this buzz internationally? Parents, food and nutrition educators and chefs worldwide….unite and take action now!