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Camel meat at my wedding please!

March 7, 2010

In some Middle Eastern towns, traditionally butchers dressed up a camel with a long string of jasmine flowers and paraded it around the town ringing bells to announce that it would be slaughtered in the morning.  Anyone who wanted camel meat knew to go very early in the morning to get it. 

Camel pie was often made for Ramadan, but camel was also typically served at major feasts, such as a large wedding feast. There is a recipe that involves stuffing chickens with hard boiled eggs, stuffing the chickens into one or more sheep, and stuffing the sheep into a camel, and roasting the whole thing, supposedly a Bedouin wedding dish….but this may not be true.

Nowadays, camel is still often served at the men’s party for a wedding feast. In many parts of Middle Eastern countries the men and the women have separate feasts for a wedding until the end of the festivities when the groom’s family brings him to the women’s party.