Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I am a Maltese Health, Nutrition and Consumer educator… having trained as a Home Economist, health promoter and food sociologist.  I believe food is one of the greatest pleasures in life and that healthy eating should be enjoyable, memorable, sustainably sourced (as much as possible)… and well… healthy of course. Food is very much about us. Who we are and what we stand for. Visit my blog for regular updates and provocative questions about food, health and consumption, as well as other interesting and juicy tidbits. (Excuse the pun!)



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5 Responses to “Welcome to my blog!”

  1. Mariella Farrugia Says:

    Some food for thought indeed! Hungry for more 🙂

  2. Rodianne Vella Says:

    WOW such an interesting blog. Well Done I’ll sure visit this blog on a regular basis. Well Done.

  3. Therese BM Says:

    Congratulations on the blog! I think it is crucial that as Home Economists, we advertise and market our subject on-line. This was emphasised at the IFHE Jubillee World Congress last Summer in Lucerne. Looking forward to visiting this blog!

  4. Isabelle Says:

    Well done Suzanne! What a job- it truly is an informative and fascinating blog!

  5. Carmen Grech nee Portelli Says:

    Dear Suzanne,
    Well done. I think it is interesting and shall visit to see what’s new. You always find interesting sites and news.

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